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Neck sizing in my rifle works great. I'm not using a custom barrel with tight chamber,just a stock Remington 700 LTR that is very accurate. My way of thinking is the less movement in the chamber the better,that is without binding. I've tryed slight changes in OAL, Remingtons have alot of free bore on stock guns.Listing for 308 168 gr HPBT is 2.800, my range was 2.775 - 2.820, for some reason my rifle likes 2.780 with a medium load of 42.00 gr. of IMR 4064. I use a RCBS neck die & a Reding competition seating die. That combo works for me. Right or wronge it's safe & when someone is looking for advise, I let the know what works for me. I'm sure the post will try different loads and find what works for his rifle. Thats the fun of it. Keep your rifle clean ( I'm old school) Be Safe, Hope I helped in some way. Chris
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