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I love forums that are informative !!
I just wish I could take credit for it. But, someone else posted about it years ago. I was really skeptical and thought that there was no way that would work (I do not remember him mentioning that the rod on the inside was cupped shaped), but when I got the Swager, and saw the cup-shape the light-bulb went off in my head and I understood how it would work. My Ruger M77 Target-Varmint .308 likes "hottish" loads. I wish it didn't, but you have to feed them what they shoot best. The cases (Fed Match) were only good for 5 or so shots before the primer pockets loosen. When they do, the swager puts them back in service for another five firings. After the second five firings I toss them in the recycle bucket, inasmuch as I do not trust the brass anymore for fear of work-hardening...I do not want a head blow-out.
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