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Opinions And Advice Needed, Please

As we all know, the panic buying is in full swing, nationwide. High-capacity magazines, ARs, etc., are flying off the shelves, and the prices of such will be going up [if they're not already]. Me, I don't want an AR; what I want is a Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle. As most of you know, that's a bolt action rifle utilizing a 10 round box magazine. Here's what I'm wondering:1] Do you guys think that pretty much ALL guns are leaping off the shelves now, including Ruger GSRs, or is it strictly the aforementioned ARs and such? 2] Should we expect a price increase in all guns now, or, again, just the high-demand stuff? I ask these questions because, depending on what the majority of you guys think, I may have to raid the ol' savings account and go find me a GSR this week! Thanks for any and all input.
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