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Why can't you have both?

When I was in LE I used a Hoyt Break Front, it was (is) extremely fast to get the revolver in action yet secure. It's almost impossible for one, other then the user of the holster to get the gun out.

Most cops spend a lot more time wrestling bandits then shooting them, I've had untold number of people in my 20 years grab and try to pull the gun from the holster, it never happened.

You don't draw it, you push it out toward the front. It takes a bit of rocking motion where you tip up the rear of the butt of the revolver as you push it forward.

It also has a security strap that can only be reached by the wearer which he naturally hits while gripping the butt of the revolver.

Also you cant get to the trigger until the gun clears the holster. It just snaps out, like I said, extremely fast.

Another benifit of the Holt is its comfortable while riding around in a car all day, and since up don't draw it out, its easy to present the revolver while setting in the patrol car.

I'm retired now, and carry my little revolver in my pocket, its secure and when I start with my hands in my pocket, I can draw and shoot in about 0.45 seconds,...............and I always walk around with my hands in my pocket.

Pretty secure too, been doing it a long time and never had my revolver fall out of my pocket. Kind of hard for some one else to get out also.

I don't think you have to choose one or the other, I think you can have both.
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