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Things a guy should always keep in mind if preparing to take a shot at those 1000 yrd ranges at an animal, all that animal has to do is take a step at the same time you break the shot, if shooting for behind the front shoulder or the shoulder you just hit that animal in the guts or hind end, I have hunted avidly all my life and observed deer, elk, bear, and moose behavior for many years, when they are feeding across a hillside they move unpredictably and that's all it would take to make a really bad shot on an animal at those ultra long ranges is for one to 'STEP OUT OF THE SHOT' a bedded animal would be a much better way to go. We as hunters owe it to the animals we pursue to put them down and out as slick and clean as possible. I really enjoy the sport of long range shooting and can see myself getting more and more involved in it, and spending lots more money . I will continue to shoot targets, jugs of water, gongs and such at those ultra long ranges, and keep my long range big game hunting at 400 and under. There are to many tv programs out there pushing long range hunting IMO
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