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Timing in an old Bulldog

The search function turned up this thread when I asked for info about timing problem with an old gun that I have.
The gun itself is an antique Belgian Bulldog chambered for the .44 Webley/.44 Bulldog.
When the trigger is pulled, either SA or DA, the cylinder advances but not all the way. It stops about 20-25% short of full alignment of cylinder and forcing cone. If I give a gentle push to the cylinder, it slides into alignment.
This problem is uniform for all five chambers in the cylinder.
It seems to me that the hand is not pushing the cylinder far enough. I have yet to take the little gun apart and clean and polish the interior - don't like to mess with antiques more than necessary. If cleaning the gun does not solve the problem, is it possible to lengthen the hand by peening it carefully?
PS - already checked Numrich hands available.
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