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My first 4 months hog hunting I would aim right behind front elbow of the leg as suggested by most. All dead and almost all ran some 20 yards most 50 yards+. Then I aimed base of skull where neck head join all my hogs dropped on the spot but 2 in the past 2 years. The initial shock and impact of bullet separates the spine which keeps them from running and disrupts the brain. Lights out.

Please understand I shoot 50 yards or less (usually less) at night using night vision. You have a 3" area of margin. Your area of margin isn't much bigger (the size of your fist) for a heart lung kill.

I started shooting this area of the hog b/c one neighbor absolutely refused to let me cross fence to recover game without being a pain in the butt. I need a quick solution.

My philosophy day time shots I heart and lung them because I shoot at longer distances and I can see where they are going. Night time head shots because I need to drop them instantly.
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