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CM et al.

I got away from this discussion for a coupla hours and now I see you are getting advice from guys who have good experience with rifles.

My thoughts were just based upon logic and a rather oversimplified (in my mind) understanding of the situation.

I agree with Articap that you should stick with it and when you get this rifle shooting the way you want it, you will have another one of those good BP stories to tell.

Lets say you decide the rifle has to go back.

I don't know what Cabela's policy is, but if you have a problem with the finish on the rifle, that is a defect that they should stand behind. I think that is especially true if you are considering a different rifle purchase from them.

If you clean it up like new, stick it back in the box with all of the documentation, they might be more likely to accept it. But if you start to filing to that front sight, I am pretty sure, Cabela's is going to wash their hands of it.

So before you get out the cutting torch, you might want to carefully consider all of your options.

I am still with Articap. Continue to follow the advice of the smart ones on this forum and get the rifle shooting right.

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