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not surprised

When the outfit went to auto pistols, (1990's) the SIG P228 was the transition piece, and the issue ammo was 147 gr JHP. We carried those for about 2 years untill they began to allow some caliber and model options (still SIG, but .40 and .45 available)

I shot enough ferals and finshed off enough deer injured in deer v. car collsions to gain a really dim view of the 9mm/147. Whether it was the combo of the short P228 tube, or that the ammo was intended for sub gun use with a longer barrel, (that was the rumor, the load was intended for suppressed MP-5's) the round did not expand and was not a stopper nor killer on my targets. As I recall the 147 ammo was all W-W.

All the old hands likened the .355/9mm/147 to .38 spl., power wise. Only a few years before, we had just made the jump from .38 to .357/125, and were not happy about gowing "backward" in power, even if we did have 12+1 9mm in hand.

When the options came out, there was about an even split to .40 and .45. HQ types and vegetarians stayed with the 9mm.
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