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Hey FAL,

That pig reticle looks a bit busy to me. And though I know little about DGR's, I would think you would NOT need the bullet drop hash marks on a 9.3 in the bush. I am a big fan of the German #1 and have had Leupold install it in several scopes for me. Last one I had done was $55 bucks and back inside 2 weeks. They are bold and fast, precise enough if the range is not too great and the target too small.

One is in a Leupold 1-4x on a Mini-30, the other 2.5xIER a .308 Savage Scout.
With both , I can see the 3D deer archery target in my yard in total darkness at 50-75 yds, and obtain a sight picture that would give a hit. You can perch a small target (like a 3x5 file card) on top of the post and hammer it easily in good light consistently at 100.

It is not a beanfield or varminter reticle, but for GP and big game at woods ranges, I think it is a very good choice. The lack of a fourth "overhead" post really opens up the field of view, and is like looking out a window.

I am seriously considering putting a 1-4x or a fixed 2.5x on my turkey gun with a #1 as well. (eyes are slipping a bit).
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