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My desire to try long range shooting stemmed from watching shows on the outdoor channel like 'The best of the west' with john burns, watching them guys make shots on big game out to and beyond 1000 yards was impressive to say the least, my friend even spent the 100.00 and bought the how to video from 'The best of the west' that IMO ws directed more toward advertisement for their products as well as their sponsors, they left a lot of key information out and we found out on our own at those ranges that it wasn't as easy as it looked on tv, made us both wonder how many botched up shots were edited and not aired? Hands on experience is where we learned what we know today, the high priced video did little to actually teach us. They never talked about the importance of knowing the elevation and power setting of the rifle scope changing impact and such, things we found to be very critical. I enjoy doing it but will first hand say from hands on experience I would be very hesitant to try such shots on big game at those distances. I can make shots on gallon jugs of water out to 800 yards with good consistency but everything has to be just right for it to work! To many variables come in to play when one has climbed all over the mountains and out of the comfort of a solid bench rest, not knowing true elevation, wind drift, barometric pressure etc. etc.
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