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Keep in mind that the ballistic gel tests at Brass Fetchers are practically worthless. You'll note the video you linked to stated it was was 20% ballistic gel and standard is 10%
Just to note, don't discount everything at Brass Fetcher too hastily. most of their actual full tests and write ups are indeed done with calibrated 10% gel. Why on earth they would use 20% ballistics gel for all those videos is beyond me. Perhaps they wanted to make sure nothing went past the block, or maybe they were only interested in energy transfer (based on the charts they have in the videos) as opposed to wound simulation, but i really don't know.

Either way, if you look at the actual test write-ups, such as the newer ones with bone simulant, or the summary tables of their older tests, they are all done using calibrated 10% ballistics gelatin (although you are correct that the exact calibration isn't always listed).

P.S. I am in no way affiliated with Brass Fetcher. I Just appreciate their work.
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