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This chart seems inaccurate.
You need to compare the chart curves using typical velocities for each caliber.

If you do that, you will see that a 115gr 9mm FMJ bullet travelling between 1100 and 1200fps will penetrate about the same amount as a 230gr .45 FMJ bullet travelling between 800 and 900fps--that is, about 2 feet.

That's good because that's pretty much what ballistic gel testing says.
What I'm seeing is that at 700fps the 230gr 45 crushes roughly twice as much tissue as the 115gr 9mm.
It's important to keep track of the scale of the damage. At typical velocities, one destroys about 1.7oz of tissue, the other about 1.1oz of tissue. It becomes very clear how important it is to put the bullet in the right place. Destroying an extra half ounce of non-essential tissue won't make any practical difference at all.
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