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You would be buying those rifles with the INTENT of re-selling them for a profit, from the git go
So, what do you think if I do not profit?

Nor are you required to give or keep paper receipts (beyond the entry in your book) for firearms you transfer in or out of your collection.
Most of the transactions I carry out are by e-mail and text. It wouldn't be too hard to put most of it together. I don't intentionally keep information beyond what is required, but it is mostly available anyways.

INTENT of re-selling them for a profit, from the git go...
Not really. I have purchased multiple surplus guns before when I only really wanted one. There is a huge level of variance between examples when buying surplus from a place like J&G, Samco, SOG, etc. Even with hand pick selected. For instance I bought several 7.62 Nagant pistols and only liked one of them. In that case I held onto the others until I liquidated my collection in 2010(leaving country for work). The "good" one I had I sold for $150, one for $100, and the other I had a REALLY time getting rid of for $50. The first two to the same person who knew a decent amount about them and refused the third. The third to someone who just thought they looked funny. Bought from same source with same quality selection.

So, I had $150 tied up into two guns that I could have better spent on something else, or maybe only $50 as the mid condition one made a good shooter. Not to mention room in the safe which is a greater concern for rifles.

When I had my license before I bought about one decent $400+ gun a year and 3-4 of whatever happened to flood the country that year. On the more expensive guns this wasn't a concern b/c I was usually buying a specific rifle I handled or at least saw photos of before purchasing. The 3-4 that were cheap I had little to no idea what I would get. Buying a few makes sense from a collection standpoint if I don't get stuck with the ones that don't meet the condition I don't like.

When I get my license the first thing I buy will probably be an M95. I won't buy just one though. I will likely buy 3-4. Hopefully one or two will be the condition I want from a collection standpoint(at least for this rifle at this point). What do I do with the others? I am looking into re-chambering one in a common caliber so I have one I can take to the range and let people shoot, but what to do if one or two are left? Of course, if all four show up in great condition, I would throw them all in the back of the safe. If I buy one at a time my cost will go up about 25%. More when dealing with handguns.

M1922 Springfield, BTW.
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