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Do you want a manual safety, no manual safety, or don't care? What are you used to?

Between those I would go Beretta, then Stoeger, then M&P. I would convert the Beretta (or Stoeger if possible) to decocker-only so that there was no safety. The M&P I would get without a safety.

I strongly prefer a design where I can have positive control of the firing mechanism while holstering. Hammer-fired guns carried with hammer down allow this by putting your thumb on the hammer. Some striker-fired guns (XD and XDm, Walther PPS, Ruger SR series) allow it with a striker indicator that pokes out the back when the trigger is pulled. I carry appendix and this feature guarantees I can not have a ND while holstering. It is a good habit to get into to not look while holstering (it also just gets really old during an 8 hour class). I'll never go back to a gun where I have to wonder if this time is going to be the 0.00001% chance when something catches the trigger.

The Ruger SR9c was my first gun and the only gun I've ever had issues with. Mine went back to Ruger twice for two different issues. I do not recommend them for this reason, but do admit the ergos were great, the trigger outstanding, and the price point unmatched by its competitors.
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