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Like several said before and to appropriate some of my mother's age old wisdom, "Don't pick at it!"

I was a little concerned at first myself, once I got my carry permit. Is it poking out? Do I have something bulging?????

People are so absorbed with playing with their phones or updating their Facebook status that they are oblivious. Unless you are constantly tugging your shirt or jacket back down.

Take this evening, for example.

Sweet Thing wanted to go to the mall and browse around. I had a pistol in an OWB holster and was wearing my leather jacket with the stupid elastic lined waist that loves to ride up just a half an inch, no more. I straightened it out when we got out of the Jeep. Kind of normal, guy gets out, adjusts his coat. Well, it rode up, inside the mall. I let it go instead of constantly fidgeting with it. I walked past 5 state troopers,bunch of mall cops, and scores of fellow shoppers. No one said anything.

I'm not saying you should just not care about concealment, just act casual when the occasional inadvertent print happens.

If you don't make it obvious, chances are no one will notice.
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