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Guys, I realize that my Model 19 isn't "unsafe" and that it does work within the range that it was designed around. This isn't a deal breaker or a game changer. It's quite simply that my first two S&W revolvers are the ones that shaped my entire idea of what the platform is capable of. One is a K-frame, the other an L-frame and though both have countless thousands of rounds through them, they continue to run like fine watches and the timing is perfect. That's what I'm accustomed to, that's what I expect, that is what feels right to me so this particular K-frame isn't delivering that.

As for "how often" that I operate it at a slow and deliberate speed? That would be roughly every time I have it out on the range. I enjoy double action shooting and a very slow and deliberate staging before breaking the trigger is pretty much my favorite way to shoot my double action revolvers.

I have actually heard of the Sand Burr Gun Ranch, I've seen the small ads with other pistolsmiths in the back of the American Handgunner magazine and I made a mental note because of the location and it's (relative) short distance from me. I know exactly where that town is and I've been there. This is the first I've heard it referenced in a discussion forum -- but then, I haven't looked for such discussions. I think I may look for some more. I really like the idea of a short road trip to talk with someone that would take on some work on one of my handguns. If there's a chance I could do a little shooting while I'm there -- all the better!
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