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I'm a really big fan of my 3" S&W model 36 no-dash (tapered barrel) for CC once I get my permit. As a J-frame, the width of it is nice and slim for easy concealment (practiced around the house), and the extra barrel length plus full length extractor really make it easier to shoot and handle than a full-on snubby. (I also like the extra velocity the extra inch of barrel likely gives me compared to the 1 7/8" versions). I keep thinking that I could get myself a newer +P rated snubby that could conceal a little easier length-wise or upgrade to a mid-size 44 special without adding too much size, but every time I pick it up, I get that "this is the one" feeling. A little too long for pocket carry, but with the right holster, it will work in or outside the waistband all day long.

After a small session of head to head wetpack testing, I like the buffalo bore standard pressure 158gr lswc-hc (20c), with standard pressure critical defense for reloads in an HKS speedloader due to the full jacket and strongly tapered shape.

S&W 3" with Pachmayr Compac Grip

EDIT to add pic

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