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MAS 1873?

Finally got around to visiting one of the LGS, and saw a rather peculiar and elaborate old revolver behind the case. Says "MAS Revolver, DO NOT FIRE" with a price tag of 150 bucks. I likes me weird designs, more so when they're cheap, so I did a bit of searching on the MAS guns.

I think it's an 1873 since I don't recall large scallops in the cylinder, and I also remember the cylinder pin was "solid" with no gap between it and the barrel (like the 1892). It's apparently the first centerfire pistol adopted by the French military. I believe (through the fog of memory) it was a light color (worn, but not blued or browned).

Should I even bother looking into this further, or are these old warhorses just junkers? I wouldn't think of shooting this guy (mainly since ammo would be a nightmare) in any condition, but are the internals particularly notable or intersting should they be functional?

(Random question: why are the proportions of French guns always "off"? )

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