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Azmark, you are getting a lot of good advice from people I suspect are far better shooters than me.

I am curious, though, as to what you were hunting with before the .270. If you went straight from a .22 or .223 to the .270 this may have been too big a jump. There are many excellent deer rifles with milder recoil than a .270 - the 6.5x55 Swede comes to mind, for example. A season or two spent with such a calibre will teach you a lot about centrefire rifles and you will bring home the venison as readily as with the .270 and not develop bad habits.

The .270 is a fine calibre but not one I would recommend as a first centrefire rifle. A year ago I bought a 270WSM in a Sako Finnlight and soon both my son and myself found ourselves developing a flinch. We managed to tame it by fitting a Limbsaver recoil pad, lightening the trigger to 2 1/4 lbs and finally fitting a muzzle brake. I really like it now. You should not need the brake on a standard .270 but the recoil pad and lighter trigger will help, plus practice, practice, as others have suggested.

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