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Looking forward to some more - and hopefully larger - photos XParaman.

The straight comb is certainly in keeping with a 1949.

While it's a pretty small photo, that looks like a 22G rear sight in the barrel lug? And do I discern the hole in the stock for-end for the barrel screw?
Both would be expected on a 1949 factory rifle. Their presence re-enforces your claim.

Most custom stock makers did away with that screw and the resultant hole in the wood for it.

I guess any doubts some of us might have stem from the fact that the rifle is not a Super Grade. Also possibly the lack of the signature reddish stock finish Winchester used.

Myself, I've only seen one with lumber that approached yours. It was a 1957 S.G. featherweight .243.

Fine looking rifle that many of us would enjoy seeing again, JT

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