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The deciding factor should probably be the trigger/safety system. The Beretta is certainly more refined and aesthetically pleasing, but if you dislike the safety and the DA/SA mechanism, it isn't going to be a pistol you enjoy shooting, and it may not be a pistol that you shoot well.

I chose a Glock (G26) for a carry pistol because of the simplicity and reliability, along with the fact that I pretty much don't care if it gets holster wear, scratches, and such. I also have a Beretta 92FS Inox with oval-checkered walnut grips; it is a pleasure to shoot, to handle, even just to look at, and it gets babied.

You can't really make a bad choice from your list. From you stated preferences you will probably want the Glock, but your wife may notice less recoil with the Beretta. You might need a Glock in your bedside table and a Beretta in hers.
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