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Finally made it to the range to try out the 1950s Yugo on the stripper clips. I only had time to try a few stripper clips of it. I have four FTF in two five round clips. In the same trip, I also brought some of the Yugo M75 "Sniper" ammo. All twenty of these rounds shot perfectly.

FWIW, I have a 1937 Turkish Mauser that I am told was re-arsenaled in Turkey, but it actually an M1903 so it dates probably back to the WWI era. I am curious if a newer 24/47 or M48 Mauser would ignite the 1950s Yugo any better? (stronger firing pin spring, etc.)

It's a shame, it is beautiful ammo, it looks like new, the packaging was all perfect when I opened the spam can. And I have a 1260 round case of it. Not sure if I should sell it or try it in a newer Mauser or order a Wolf replacement firing pin spring for my Turkish Mauser?
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