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I'm really warming up to the FNAR...
Give in to the madness "one of us, one of us..."

BTW, the BAR Shorttrac buttstock can be modded to fit the FNAR, for a more "traditional" sporter profile without the pistol grip. I wish FNH offered it as an option or even "upgrade" from their parts department, since the pistol grip is what turns off the majority of people who decide against the "hicap" BAR.

I haven't checked, but it's likely the prices of FNARs are bidded up (slightly) less than their AR/military competitors by dummies right now. I just got a great deal on a shotgun from Gunbroker (I think) solely because so many folks are distracted by Plastic-Panic.

EDIT: Yup, they've "only" gone up 30-40%, as opposed to tripling in value (1200-1400). Makes them an even better choice over an AR pattern rifle for affordable accuracy than ever (do I sound like a car salesman yet? :P)

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