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BigD... You do realize the thread was not begun by discussing Remington shotguns??? Let me remind you... It was begun to mention that a massive "holdings firm" was selling ALL of their gun related companies...

I failed to close it as not being SHOTGUN related in the first place... But I did so since Remington makes shotguns as does H&R... As for Cerebus buying these companies due to their profitability... NOT SO TRUE... They buy DISTRESSED companies for pennies on the dollar and if they become profitable, they make money... If not, they can sell them off at pennies on the dollar and the revenue of product sales during ownership acts as the "interest" they need to make it,... well... interesting to the investors... You don't think Chrysler was profitable when they took over and turned it around???

So now with all the griping and the self appointed moderation... We will close this...

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