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For an inline don't shy away from a Traditions. I have a Buckstalker and that thing is nothing short of impressive with sabots. I use the Hornady Low Drag SST. The Traditions Inlines are pretty cheap as far as money goes but I'll be dang if it looks or acts like a cheap rifle. The breech plug they use is awesome.
Now there are a bunch of different styles of inlines. You have the break action (like a single barrel shotgun), then a plunger type, and bolt actions. I prefer the break action, which is what my Buckstalker is and rifles like the CVA Wolf and such. They are just MUCH easer to clean and take care of, not to mention putting a 209 primer in it without a capper. Most all the inlines are awesome rifles I have nothing against any of them. I have only shot a CVA Wolf, a Thompson Center, and my Buckstalker. But for the price point my Traditions wins hands down. Now the Thompson has the advantage of being able to get different barrels for it to change caliber or you can even get a barrel for centerfire. Hope my rambling helps some.
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