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Okay okay

I won't leave you in suspense. However, I will say (and I think it worked) that by not mentioning the specific gun I got a peek into your principles/thought process and experience. If for example I said "Hi-Point" or "Taurus" well now - easy decision and quick answer eh?

The thing that you all have made me remember is that i purchased this gun as a gift for someone else to begin with. It's a Zastava EZ-9 made in Croatia. It was imported by EEA and now by Kvar. A sig look-alike, once featured in "combat Handguns" I think. It was for someone new to guns and with the external hammer and loaded chamber indicator I thought it would be easy to understand function. That person has bought themselves several other handguns + long guns over the last few years and returned it to me.

No spare parts. Although now when I introduce a newcomer to handguns this is the one I have them use because I'd rather then not dry fire my other service size 9mm which is even MORE obscure and holds sentimental value. (It's last firing pin broke into 3 pieces)

I see this gun as the same class as other less expensive imports: the Cannick, the Arcus, etc.

QUESTION: do imports go up in value when supply is completely discontinued or down because of obscurity?

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