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$439 seems about the average right now but I would recommend waiting, 3 weeks ago they were selling for right around $300. I just got a decent deal on a beat up Chinese for $239 simply because the shop I bought it from refuses to jack up prices when demand soars. mine has some problems with the stock and I am not a fan of the AK/SKS sights so I bought a rear aperture sight and a tapco intrafuse stock.

reviews on tapco stocks seem to be terribly hit or miss, many people call them garbage while others say they are well made, I personally think it may be a combination of peoples expectations being too high and different manufacturers making slightly different contoured rifles, making the tapco fit some rifles well while others are a bit loose.

if you decide to wait for prices to go down on an SKS I'll be sure to post my experiences with the tapco stock and tech sight aperture.
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