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I have seen that some people who have responded have questioned why I have decided to go with a paddle holster, so here is the explanation. I work as a counterterrorism intelligence specialist for a federal agency, but my duties do not require me to carry firearms. I want to start due to a promotion I have received that will require me to spend more time in the field, and on crime scenes, and I would feel more comfortable armed, and some of my co-workers who also carry convinced me it was a good idea for my safety. I know much more about the firearms themselves, than the actual holsters. Anyway, there are some areas of the building that are secured, where I can not be armed, and at these times, my weapon will be locked away, and off of my person. I gravitated towards paddle style holsters, for the ease of taking it on and off, and not needing to undress myself every time I enter a secured area. I hope that clears it up some. Thank you for all of your feedback.
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