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Concerned about some extra copper on the rifling near the crown

Like the title says I'm slightly concerned about some extra copper i see on the crown or i should say the Rifling near the crown. I'm new to firearms and I'm not sure if this is such a good thing. I take great care when i clean my gun, I always run patches through till they are either white or grey. I asked one of my friends what could be causing this build up near the crown. He suggested worst case scenario that the barrel has rough rifling from the factory and to take it back and complain to the store i bought it from (Bass). Since I am new to the rifle world maybe someone could point me in the right direction of how to look at the barrel and look for possible flaws of any sort. For the record this is a Vanguard in .30-06. Of course i may be overreacting and this is just normal.
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