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I cant say how the magazine effected trigger pull but those Promags aren't worth the plastic bag they come in.. I bought three for my little Bersa Thunder, all three were bad, springs so weak the ammo fell out of the mags... I've never seen anything like it, you'd think Promag was owned by Taurus or something...
Yeah...when I first shot it, days ago. It wasn't affecting the trigger pull. Just jamming on the last round because it's a crappy mag. After a complete detailed strip. The magazine is extremely hard to remove and insert. Doesn't lock the slide back. Now....the DA trigger. Beyond me...

(Yes, not so cheap shot at both because both hit me in the wallet in painful ways.)
lol you and I both now. Taurai and ProMag.

Still that P220 should be as smooth as silk... My pull in DA feels to be around 12.5 lbs. or so and something around 3 or 4 in SA.
Yeah...After this mag, I can't wait to try it out again. I had to just order it again. My credit card didn't go through. lol tough times?

I'm hoping to buy a second one in 2014. 2013 has become by default the year of the Sig 716... (pending)
Long time brother...don't know anything about a 716. I'll Google it.

But in a wild guess to your question, I would suggest that the Promag is not in spec and is pushing on something causing the gun to have this issue.
Agreed...Crazy. I'm so happy it's the mag though. I saw it with my own to eyes and felt it for myself. I was so nervous it was the gun. I almost flipped.

The other day the trigger wire on the right hand side and making a "thunk" noise. Like when you dry fire a Glock? Every time I'd fire it against my snap cap.

I took off that stupid Hogue grip and filed down the heck out of the plastic on the inside and good to go.

I ordered grips too. can't wait till they both come in.
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