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Accuracy at different distances

For those of you who have reloaded for a long time and shoot at different distances, will a load that works well at 100 yards typically also work well at 300 or 600 yards?

I have been trying out different powder and bullet combinations for my .223 bolt action, shooting at 100 yards. I have found a few combinations that yield very good accuracy (1 MOA or less) and I was planning on taking these to 300 yards to try them there.

Is it valid to identify an 'accurate load' at 100 yards and then take that to 300 yards and expect it to perform well at that distance too? Or is it that something that works well at 100 could stink in terms of performance at 300 yards? What about when going to 600 yards?

How much difference does bullet weight and velocities make when going to longer distances? For example my rifle likes 68 gr Hornady Match bullets with either 23 grain or 25 grain Varget (but not the charges between those two). Would the 25 grain load be more accurate at 300 due to the (presumably) higher velocity?

The rifle is a Savage 11 with a 1 in 9 twist.
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