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Im in the dark here,but im sure someone can fill in the blanks. How many gun laws are in effect already. The problem is ,They are never enforced. Bad Guys are always going to be able to get guns no matter what you do and how hard you try to stop it. It is a very sad and hard to understand thing ( this last shooting) I am one for arming Teachers. I know this is a touchy point here,but we have to do something. I don't see any thing else working. While even with armed teachers this last shooting would have still happened,but would it have been stopped sooner?. Banning assult weapons is not going to make any difference. When one becomes good with a pistol which there are a lot of people in here like that. How long does it take to swap out a empty piestol??? I am not a pro and i can do it in less than 3 seconds. I wish there was a good answer for this nightmare,but unfortunatly it will continue to happen as it always has. All we can do as good people is try to limit how often it happens.

I am for every law abiding person to be able to carry and not feel bad about it. One does not try to hyjack a bus when he knows everyone else in that bus is armed too.
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