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Originally Posted by rjksx1 View Post
E2 Grips on a Sig 226:

really nice.

still curious. anyone cc their p220 have ammo count anxiety?
Lol. If you see my grouping with it and how I am with my SIG's under stress. You'd understand.

No I do not have ammo count anxiety.

Imagine the guys with LCP's or 5 shot revolvers. Those revolver guys can put those 5 rounds in a baseball sized group so fast it'll make your head spin.

That's all mental...if anything I'll carry a spare mag or two. But usually I'm good with just one.

Which brings me back to my original thread now.

I took the P220 out to the range again today. Long story short. The trigger pull (when the "promag" magazine is inserted) is way over 20 lbs in DA

In SA it's just fine....

Now I take the mag out after I drop in a snap cap. The DA pull is back to being my sweet prince it always was.

Mag in. Over 20lbs in DA.

Isn't that something? I'm glad I ordered an ACT mag like WVsig mentioned. If this one runs well, I'll buy 3 more at a time till I have 12.

Now, can someone explain to me how a magazine cause the DA pull to hideous like that?

Also. Thanks for the kind words everyone. You all also have gorgeous P220's!
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