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Separated case in factory ammo

Well it happened to me today at the range. Was shooting some new factory ammo to recover the brass. I was shooting .30 Carbine. I will not name the maker of the ammo (I have emailed them, and wish to keep this from being a brand bashing thread.). It was new without doubt. Shot fine till the last round of a 50 round box. Last round blew spring, follower, and floor plate of my magazine out. The base of the case I found on the ground, the cut was not even, and slightly jagged.

I took the rifle home, used some CeroSafe, and a taped up drill rod to get it out. Popped right out no problem. Drove a few blocks to catch the gun smith right before he was leaving for the day. Told him what happened. It caught his curiosity. I saved the pieces of the case to show him. It did not look like a head space problem cut. Well he checked the head space of it before I bought. Knew it was fine then. Checked it again today. Just fine no problem. I saved the fired brass I could find. We checked that. All looked good. Nothing bad about any of it.

Never have I had a problem with my reloads, one bad factory round put my rifle out of service for the day. I was lucky to have the alloy, and drill rod. Most others would have had to spend money to have smith take the case out.

Ok enough with my ranting.

How many of you folks out there that reload have had problems with factory ammo?

I started reloading due to 2 squibs in 2 boxes of hand gun ammo that were of the same brand, purchased in different areas of the state.

Also any ideas about what else may have caused the case head separation? I am still scrathing my head on this one. Best I can come up with is SFL that I got that rare one that had bad brass that made it by QC.
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