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Can't decide!! Glock 17 vs Beretta M9A1 or 92A1

Hey guys,

I'm putting up a poll here. I am having a stupidly difficult time deciding what to get.

I can't decide what to get. I was all set on getting the Glock 17 when I went into my local gun shop. But before I said lets get it, I decided to take a look at the Beretta's. Of course, I saw the M9A1 and the 92A1. The M9A1 I can get for $659 and the 92A1 a bit less. The Glock 17, in flat dark earth, is for $600.

I absolutely LOVE the feel of the Beretta. The slide is way smoother, the metal frame feels GREAT, but I hate the safety mechanism. I like the glock for its versatility, reliability, and aftermarket options, but I am not to crazy about polymer frames.

So, I can't decide. I'm stuck. Help me out here! This is going to be a range gun and home defense ONLY.

My wife will shoot either one, but which would have the least amount of recoil? 9mm is the biggest caliber she will shoot, and even then, she doesn't quite enjoy as much for the kick it has.

I have one other gun, which is my carry gun.. a Sig P938.

If it were you guys, what would you get and why?

M9A1 is made in the USA, comes with two 15 round mags, and is $659.. but I really dislike the safety location. Love the all metal frame, and racking the slide is a breeze.

92A1 is made in Italy, comes with three 17 round mags, and is probably around $630'ish. Also dislike the safety location and love the slide.

Glock 17 is dead nuts reliable from what I've read, tons of aftermarket stuff, but has a polymer frame.. could be had for $600.

I've never had a striker fired pistol. All guns I've had have been DA/SA or SA only. But the trigger on the Glock felt so nice and easy to shoot. That first DA pull on the Beretta really sucks, but the SA shots afterwards feel fantastic.


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