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I carried a Surefire G2 for around 7 years and just recently switched to a Fenix E1. The Surefire is amazing, kinda like a spot light that fits in your pocket. It's also well made, durable and has a butt load of available accessories. All that being said, the Surefire just was not set up the way I would like and at times seems like a light better suited for someone on duty. I also never really warmed up to the twist on tail cap and wanted something that took regular batteries.

The Fenix is small, light and powerful. It also has two levels of brightness and a momentary on feature. I can't remember the lumen count but its really bright, especially in up close self defense distances. The Fenix was also nearly half the cost of my Surefire.

After receiving it from amazon, I realized it was made in China. I'd rather it was made here but oh we'll.
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