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They are not universal either...specify model...etc..

But using a choke wrench in my view a bad idea. If you need a wrench to get them out put them in there too tight / or you're not cleaning them often enough - or maybe both. Put them in finger tight - put your finger inside them to put them in or out ....and they should run in and out smoothly....if they grab or bind at all...clean the threads inside the barrel ( toothbrush - maybe solvent - or at least Break Free) ....and lube the threads in the barrel as well as the choke ...until they spin in and out easily and freely.

Put the choke wrench in your shooting box...and do not use it again !!
( I have seen way too many guys ruin barrels by cross threading choke tubes with wrenches ...because they don't clean them and they crank them down in there....)....its pretty sad when it happens. Then there are guys that don't clean their guns ...and the chokes get cemented in there....that's just plain lazy and my opinion.
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