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First and right up front, I am not a Lee fan in most cases.

Get your self a set of good, RCBS, Hornady even Lee etc., full length dies and properly adjust them and you will do just fine.

The key here is, "properly adjusting" the dies, which may not follow the manufactures instructions.

The situation here is Manufacturing Tolerences which comes down the the fact that there is a +/- factor in manufacturing of rifles/chambers/dies and you need to not only be aware of this, but know how to adjust for it.

For example, your chamber might be on the "+" side and your sizing die on the "-" side or it could be just the reverse, so while one size fits all instructions for sizing die set up may very well produce usable ammo, it is seldom optimum when it comes to consistancy and long brass life.

I've expounded so many times on the subject that I finally just made of a file document on proper die set up and why, and I'll gladly send it along to anyone interested. Just send me a PM (personal e-mail) with your home "E" address and I'll gladly send it along.

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