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I was at the range yesterday with my newly-built 7-08 breaking her in at 1K yards...

Varmint barrel with a brake...(before anyone asks the usual "why a brake on a 7-08?" it's so I can spot my own shots).

There was a "new" shooter next to me, receiving instructions from an experienced shooter on form, wind holds, etc.

At one point I overheard him remark about "the .338 LM or .300 WM" next to him... and I looked over at him and said it's "only" a 7-08...

So, if it's apparent DB levels, that one is louder to the guy next to me (but not me) than my Mosin...but my younger son on the other side said it really isn't that bad.

It is SOOO nice being able to see the impacts without needing a spotter.

.50's are frequent there (always at least one or two on the line), so it's nice to hear "fire in the hole" to prepare you for the concussion you know is coming!
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