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J's post, ADs & criminal charges...

I read over J's post & it reminded me of the topic I put up a few days ago, a private citizen with a concealed license leaving a Beretta pistol in a movie theater.
Cops & security officers can and do lose firearms a lot. I worked with a guard in 2004 in NW Florida. He was a US Army veteran & "trained" but wasn't very ethical or responsible. He told our shift members how he got fired from a company in the Fort Myers area because he left a loaded .38spl revolver in a restroom! Dumb!
As I stated before, lost sidearms happen a lot during POTUS campaign stops too. I guess they get stressed out or tired from the long details.
I've learned to pull my weapon & duty belt in my lap if I need to use a stall.
I also remember gunwriter & tactics trainer Massad Ayoob writing about the subject. He said the TV cop character; Det Fish from the sitcom; Barney Miller was a good example of older license holders or cops using shoulder holsters.
If they need to use the restroom often, it's a good way to keep your firearm secure.
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