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Agreed there is way too much going on for a short range reticle. The standard german #4 is fine. ALso if you are looking at the Nikon African safari series rifle scopes (1-4x) they have a nice german #4 reticle but PLEASE TAKE NOTE the one i have has the "fast focus" adjustment ring at the rear of the scope, it is way too easy to turn and lose your focus setting.I have put temporary witness marks on it so i cannot lose my setting. As well as the zoom ring on the scope is MUCH stiffer(!!) to turn than the focus ring. Its way too stiff to turn. Maybe my scope was a fluke but its something to think about.Also the clicks are supposedly 1/2 MOA but to me are more like like 7/8". Aside from that the scope has been good and seems well constructed. If you want mine its in perfect shape and for sale. Just send me a PM. I am probably looking at the weaver line of scopes to replace this one a 1-5x that they offer.
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