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I saw a video by a doctor that said something to the effect that the layers of skin (epi-dermis, dermis, subcutaneous) equates to 4 inches of flesh. I have only heard that once and have no idea if that is true. If that is true, does that mean that your 18.75 inches of gel would mean that the bullet would then be about 14.75 inches in (ignoring that most people aren't 14 inches thick front to back. I am only 11 inches (spine to breastbone) but it sure seems like your 357 would be a thru-n-thru if no bone was hit. The doc also said that the last layer of muscle and skin results in a spring board effect that impeades further penetration which is why their aren't the thru-n-thru's one might expect from pistol shots. Does the gel specs take into consideration the skin or does it treat the medium as just all muscle tissue? The other thing that is confusing is the problems equating the density between high organ areas vs intestine areas vs thigh areas, etc and trying to make the gel make sense in all that. What's your thoughts? ...and thanks for posting your results, would like to see more on the 40 cal stuff if you get around to it....
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