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I know little about enfields and I could be completely wrong here but with the solid bolt handle(knobs not hollowed out) the bolt is from a number 4 rather than number 5 jungle carbine. also, the number 5's handguards were not long enough for that one to belong so it is also more than likely from an number 4. add to that the front stock band and front sights are from the number 4 and it has L style rear sights(american made MK1*), this is definitely not a number 5, unless someone took a great deal of time to strip a number 5 receiver and replace all the parts with various number 4s which would be a huge hassle with almost nothing to gain.

however the brass ring on the stock is something that I've only seen on older designs like the RIC carbines and and number 1 rifles. I would wager that this is just a parts rifle, assembled from a huge stack of parts and cut down since there is little collectors value in it. I however love my enfield and would love to build myself a great little brush gun like this one. it probably kicks like a freaking mule but I bet it sure is fun.

be sure to post a range review on this little bad boy.
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