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Speer Gold Dot 125gr 357 SIG Ballistics Gel Test & Results

Finished up the testing of the 125gr 357 SIG Gold Dot (#54234) round. Here are the conditions and results.

Test conditions:
-Glock 22 with G31 barrel (4.48'')
-Test rounds fired from 10 feet
-FBI spec Clear Ballistics gel block (more on this below)
-4 layers of denim

-1373 fps, 522 ft/lbs energy
-18.75'' of penetration
-Recovered weight: 124gr
-Average expansion: .515''

The manufacture of the gel block, Clear Ballistics, claims their gel meets FBI specs for testing. I calibrate my gel per their specs prior to testing and use 4 layers of denim per IWBA protocol.

However, by no means am I saying this test is a substitute for the great work industry professionals like Dr. Roberts and others do. I'm just a shooter that likes to learn about the products I use.

Here's the video showing the test, the permanent cavity, and a discussion of the results:

Mrgunsngear Youtube Channel

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