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Originally Posted by Biner
I think the 1911 is a beautiful gun, but the ones I've shot just don't fit my hand comfortably. The slide lock location is awkward to me, and I've never gotten comfortable with manual decocking. Great triggers, though, and the ones I've shot have been accurate. 100+ years of history means they're doing something right.
If it doesn't fit your hand, that's a legitimate complaint. Sometimes guns fit, sometimes they don't. I don't understand why the slide lock would be a problem, as it isn't used during the operation of the pistol. Unless, of course, you're using it as a slide release, which it is not. It is designed to lock the slide after the last round is fired. To put the pistol back into service, simply grasp the slide with the non-firing hand, retract it and let it go forward.

Why would one manually decock a 1911? The thing abounds with safeties and it's no more dangerous to carry cocked than any of the current crop of plastic pistols.
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