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+1 Ruger Vaquero - as in the original large frame (only way a fixed sight Ruger .44 Mag has come) - made for about ten years and available in all Colt-like barrel lengths if you look around.
Blue/faux case hardened frame combo or polished stainless. They are essentially fixed sight Super Blackhawks.
- Ruger durability
- Colt sixgun looks in a slightly larger, heavier frme befitting the .44 Mag
- Full "six up" capacity--safe with transfer bar.
- no longer made
- in stock form, the cylinder indexing over-travels the chamber-to-the-loading port making re-loading (or ejecting cases) a bit more tedious vs the current Flattop and New Vaquero design, Colts, USFAs and Colt-patterned imports. Free spin kits re available which rectify the chamber over-travel however. As suggested, these kits do not "stop" at all on their own.

As far as new: fixed sight .44 Mag, look at Uberti Callahan, avilable with a unique (to the Colt pattern) 6" barrel--the length I've most often seen them in--and fluteless cylinder like the Super Blackhwk. IIRC, a 4-3/4" barrel is also available. Also unique 1860 Army grip, which is slightly longer than the 1851 Navy used on most Colt SAA-patterned guns. (The Callahan is also available in adjustable flattop style target sights). I have seen these at Bass Pro Shops and elsewhere. All blue (no cch)--like the recent years' New Vaquero (and all years' Blackhawk) line.
- Colt Sixgun feel and looks (other than unique 6" barrel) with the "requisite" hammer mounted firing pin and Colt four-click hammer.
- Army grip for larger hands with "pinky under" issue
- Ubertis have come a long way' wouldn't worry about durability/problems. Still, if intending on regularly shooting "super heavy" loads, I'd lean toward the Ruger.
- nice one piece walnut grips
- availble new
- despite built in "safety," it's not a transfer bar, IIRC, and I would only load 5 - leaving empty chamber under the resting hammer
- see "super heavy loads" above.

Both are slick pieces.

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