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44AMP Correct...............good info!!!

"And, I understand there is also a "Blackhawk" model available in .44 Mag now, too.

The Super Blackhawk uses the New Model Blackhawk frame, but had a different (steel, dragoon style) grip frame, slightly longer than the regular Blackhawk. Grips do not interchange. The Super also had a non fluted cylinder, and a steel ejector rod housing (for added weight), and a lowered hammer spur and a grooved trigger."

Ruger made a "special " run of blue .44 mag blackhawks. I bought one. I bought different grips for a SBH and they did not fit. I had to buy "Blackhawk" size grips like what was for a .357 mag. They then did the same for awhile in stainless steel. Very, very, confusing.
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