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I too use 00 Buck but did some experimenting a few years back and found some interesting facts for loads that the average hunter may have on hand. I suspect that the over penetration most folks are concerned about isn't after going through the bad guy but rather errant shots penetrating walls and hitting friendlies due to misses.

As a hunter I was intrigued by BlackCloud. It to uses Federals Flite Control wad and using 3" BB shot can almost take a gooses head off at 20 yds. At 15 feet its pretty much a 1 1/8 oz steel slug.

Another load that impressed me was Remington 4 shot Turkey loads. With a 1 7/8 oz load it has the muzzle energy of my .308 with 165g loads. Right around 2800 ft.lbs. IIRC

May or may not be pertinent, just my .02 cents
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