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I like how one guy on here previously mentioned that in real world practicality he would just use his backpack to shoot on in lieu of a bipod.
I've never voluntarily carried a ruck big enough (and packed tight enough!) to be anywhere as stable as a good shooting sling used correctly.

I do carry a pair of Stoney Point shooting sticks when hunting..... they are slow to set up, but when I sit down on stand, I set them up..... anything that is so far out that I really need them to steady the gun is far enough out that I have penty of time to get the sticks set just right ...... they take up very little space on my hunting belt when folded, weigh almost nothing, and don't get in the way when speed/handling is more important than extreme precision, like when you are facing one way and the deer sneaks up behind you......

The sticks are also useful for setting the shotgun barrel on while turkey hunting, leaving your hands free to work slate, box and shaker calls...... with the stock on your shoulder, the barrel in the sticks out in front of you, a mouth call in, and a couple of different calls in your lap, you can sound like several different turkeys- imitating a fight has brought a dozen+ jakes running across a 400 yard wide open field in the fall for me before.....
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